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Woman 2021

ONLINE PROJECT  | Feb 8 - 21

2-week complex program for Body & Soul. From ladies for ladies – created for YOU!

⭐ Connect to your femininity through latin dance
⭐ Make more time for yourself
⭐ Look good & feel better

Who is this program for

For all women who:

  • Want to feel more feminine and beautiful as women​

  • Never have time for themselves or don’t know what to do with it

  • Are always in hurry and feel like they are not taking a good care of themselves

  • Are great mothers, but in the process forgot how to be women first

  • Want to improve their looks, health & life energy

  • Want to try something new and dance their way through it



5 powerful & successful women teamed up to help you on your journey of personal growth - to unlock your feminine power!

What's inside

You will get access to a closed FB group where all the action will be happening. Each day for two weeks there will be a daily content waiting for you - different video sessions, live videos and worksheets for you from our instructors. All video sessions will be recorded and posted in the group, so you can come back to it anytime. You can ask us any questions in the group and we will answer daily! You will also get 3 live Zoom meetings with all instructors where you can ask any question from their field. 


Sounds good so far? Well, that's not all! We are preparing some surprises and 3 more Zoom calls with special guests that all women will love!  ⭐⭐⭐

Jana K. Cerna | Professional Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer


with focus on the right technique & posture, with choreographed sequences that will be fun, maybe little challenging, but will definitely make you feel like a dance queen!

Jana K. Cerna | Professional Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer


Daily program for 2 weeks, with a different routine each day that you can incorporate into your every day life. Fun combination of dance, cardio, muscle toning, stretching, and nice music. No more boring exercises! ;-)

Marta Nikolaou | Health Coach & Nutrition Specialist


Daily nutrition plan for better health! Whether your goal is weight loss, more energy, or healthier diet, professional guidance will help you figure out what food your body craves or rejects. 

Georgina Kyriacou | Hairdresser & Hair Care Specialist


Guidelines for healthy & fabulous hair, with practical tips how to care & style your hair gorgeous and fast; and how to choose the right products for your hair type.

Lina Nikolaou | Skin Care Specialist & Beauty Therapist


Every woman wants to have flawless, younger looking skin! You will get practical tips you can include in your daily skincare routine; learn the most important skincare mistakes you should avoid; and we'll talk about Anti-aging versus Pro-aging.

Chara Pilavaki | Structural Life Coach


Life coaching video sessions aiming to inspire women to think about their own subjectivity and what they need to change in their lives to be happier & healthier. 


Natalia Pushkova | Fashion & Dance Costume Designer

"Fashion Trends 2021"

Natalia Puskova.jpg

Natalia will be our first special guest - one of the most chic & stylish women I know. She will talk about fashion trends for 2021, about new trendy colors, about lockdown/weekend fashion (How not to stay in PJs all day), about dos and don'ts when it comes to styling yourself, and much much more....You have something to look forward to!


Alexandra Malysheva | Photographer & Photo Model

"How To Pose For Photos With Confidence"

Alexandra (3).jpg

Our special guest in the 2nd week is an awesome, talented photographer. She will share with you useful tips from her profession - how to pose for photos and feel comfortable & confident, so you will look good in every photo! She will talk about what is it like to travel the world and still find time for selfcare in a crazy schedule, and much more.... You will love this interview!

Our Team

You will be guided by a team of women - specialists in their fields, who are passionate about their work and excited to share their knowledge & story to set more women on the fantastic way of personal growth – to feel more feminine and happy.


Jana K. Cerna

Owner of Movimiento Dance Studio, professional dancer, dance teacher & choreographer

Jana is a dance teacher & choreographer known across Cyprus & abroad, professional dancer with a unique talent, and a busy, single mum of a 7-year old boy. She created a 6-days-per week workout program designed for dancers, but especially suitable for women in general, with options how to modify it according to your possibilities. AND!!!! She will give you 4 amazing online dance lessons with a choreography that will make you feel like a real goddess. So, if you ever wanted to learn how to move in the rhythm of latin tunes, but never had an opportunity, now it’s your chance to start! Jana also has some lovely surprises and challenges with prices ready for you.

“I love my job! I love to see women in my classes feeling relaxed, have fun and be all the little shades of women that can be there. From sexy to gentle, sassy, funny, super-cool, intimate, goofy, confident… It makes me so happy to help them uncover and enjoy all these feminine sides within us – and to transfer it to my students. Hearing my ladies say “I feel like a woman when I dance & I feel beautiful” is the best compliment I can get.

I always work with strong music and I love to create a story behind each choreography. Each movement is like a sentence…with emotional content… I love to create choreographies for women, where we can be all we want to be and feel amazing.”

Marta Nikolaou

Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist

Oh yes – we know it’s not easy to change your diet and to do all the shopping and different cooking etc. Marta prepared for you a smooth transition to a healthier nutrition.      

"I am a mum of two energetic and strong-willed children. Becoming a mum changed my life and inspired me to focus on natural healing approaches in order to protect my children’s health. This, in turn, led me to focus on my own health issues when conventional medicine was not able to help with symptoms of Hashimoto’s. My journey of regaining my health led me to become a health coach, and now I am helping others to choose a healthy lifestyle as a prevention or to overcome their autoimmune issues. I now live a symptom-free life and I am coaching others on how to achieve their best health."

My mission is to help you figure out what food your body craves or rejects as there is no one diet or protocol that works for all. Knowing your body will be your fast-track to balanced hormones and to the person you want to be. Join me to discover your personal journey to transformation.”

Whether you are seeking weight loss, more energy, getting rid of sugar habits, or dealing with autoimmune problems, I can help you transform with habit change, step by step adjusting your lifestyle to thrive and not just survive."

Gina (9).jpg

Georgina Kyriacou

Founder and CEO of Haircare Cyprus, Hairdresser & Hair Care Specialist

Georgina has been a hairdresser and salon owner for 14 years and now is currently an Educator (teaching hairdressers) for Paul Mitchell and Moroccanoil Cyprus. Georgina is the best of the best in her field, she loves hair, she loves crazy colors, and she will make you fall in love with your hair too! Her mission is to make ever woman feel good about the way her hair looks!

"I love hair - it’s my passion! I would say my specialty is colour and hair health. I definitely feel the two go hand in hand and I’m so excited to be teaching you about hair in this project.

I'll share with you practical tips for daily habits & routines for perfect hair; how to wash, care, style, straighten, curl and braid; we'll also talk about hair loss and the benefit of diet and supplements to your hair. And finally some pro tips and tricks to give your hair the life and luster you’ve always wished it would have!"

Lina Nikolaou

Skin Care Specialist & Beauty Therapist

Lina is originaly from Lithuania, but has been living in Cyprus for many years. During this project she will share with you important skincare tips:

  • Importance of daily face wash.

  • Toners - are they really so important for our skincare routine?

  • Scrubbing or exfoliating the skin - how to do it correctly without harmful effects.

  • Variety of facial masks including the natural ones - how to choose the right one?

  • The most important skincare mistakes and how bad habbits affect our skin.

  • "Anti-Aging" vs "Pro-Aging". Are you desperately trying to look young by catching up on all the new facial tendencies, anti - aging creams, peptides, lasers, botox injections etc. or are you content with your aging, just adapting healthier behaviour, feeling in control how you age?


„I love everything about skincare: creams, facial masks, serums, facial treatments, massages! I love to study new things, attend new courses, catch up on innovative treatments and products, and share it with my clients, helping them feel beautiful.“

Chara (2).jpg

Chara Pilavaki

Structural Life Coach, Linguist

What is a woman? Difficult question as there is not just one. Every single woman is unique and special. Our life coaching video sessions aim to inspire women to think about their own subjectivity and what they need to change in their lives in order to build a new topology, where they will be happier and healthier in all aspects of life. This is a very interesting journey full of new discoveries, challenges, creativity and change. Get ready!


Chara Pilavaki studied Science of Language (Linguistics) & Translation in France and worked as a French teacher in various international schools in Cyprus and abroad. In 2015 she discovered Lacanian Psychoanalysis thanks to the Cyprus Society of the School of the Freudian Letter, where she has been an active member. Since then, she has attended numerous study groups, seminars and conferences both in Cyprus and abroad. Her passion for human psychology led her to further studies in France, in the Department of Psychoanalytic Studies at the University Paris Diderot, where she obtained University Diploma in Voice and Symptoms. After this, she continued with a formation course in Structural Life Coaching and Kids Coaching at the Institute of Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Personal Development. As a coach she works with people on the achievement of their goals in the direction of their Joy of Life.

What to expect

We don’t promise to make your life better and look amazing magically. The magic is within you! You have to work for that…But we will give you our experience, our stories and guidelines on how to progress in your life so you become the best version of yourself.

Why is this project unique

  • Because we will check on you! We will be ready to answer your questions/ review your videos daily in our FB group.

  • Because we love what we do and we are great at it! We will give you the best from us. We will inspire you and set you on your own wonderful journey.

  • Because you deserve it! We ‘ve been there, we know how it feels. We enjoy our own learning process towards loving life – and we will transfer it to you!

And the best part is...

You will receive


Every woman deserves a treat, especially at these challenging we decided to lower the price to only 50 Eur for the first 30 registered women!





[Launch price: €50]

Only for the first 30 registrations! Then the price goes up.

for online project "Woman 2021" | February 8-21

Fill up the form to register & pay directly via PayPal, or contact me to pay via Revolut:  +357 97768320.

Look out for your confirmation email! One day before the program starts, you will receive an invitation to the private FB group.

Thanks for your registration!

Still not convinced?

Join our public FB group - Full program will be published soon!

Join our FB group to get a taste of all the amazing coaching lectures we are preparing for you! You get to meet our instructors, ask them questions, and get a better idea about the program before you make a commitment. about the project.

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1. How is the content delivered?

After you sign up, you will get a confirmation email, and on 7.2. you will receive an invitation link to access the private FB group for members only. All the pre-recorded content will be posted according to a daily schedule, and all the live zoom sessions will be recorded and posted in the group, so you can come back to it anytime, at your own time, at your own pace.

2. Will I manage to watch all the videos when I work full-time?

Yes!!! All videos will be posted in the group, so you can watch them whenever you have time at the end of the day.


3. Will I be able to ask instructors any questions ?

Definitely! This is an interactive program, questions are more than welcome - our instructors are here for you! You can post your question in the group and tag the specific instructor. We will be answering on daily basis. We will also have 3 live calls with all instructors and members, with space for your questions.

4. Can I give it to someone as a present ?

Great idea! Especially with the upcoming Valentine's Day - right, gentlemen? ;-) You will receive a personalized gift voucher for the woman who you think deserves this treat.


5. I've never danced before. Will I be able to keep up with the dance classes?

These classes are for all levels, so no worries. If you have questions, you can always contact our dance instructor. The live classes will be saved for replay, so you can do the class in your own speed.


6. Is it possible to implement so many changes in just 2 weeks?

We are here to help you to set your priorities and include new habits step by step into your routine. You will have access to the content later on, so you can come back and study when you are ready.


7. The date doesn't suit me. Can I join the program other time?

Yes! We will organize another project soon. Joined our public FB group to stay tuned.


for online project "Woman 2021" | February 8-21




Only for the first 30 registrations! Then the price goes up.

Thanks for your registration!

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