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"Life is better
when you dance"

About Movimiento Dance Studio

We believe that life is better when you dance.... therefore our goal is to make people happy through the art of dance!

Our mission at Movimiento Dance Studio is to provide students of all levels with precise technique & have fun at the same time. We offer classes from age of 4 to 104. Our instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines. Together with our students - we are a dance family.


Movimiento was founded in 2015 by Jana K. Cerna. Since then we continue our journey toward progress and perfection. We keep on evolving, adding new dance styles & creating new projects.

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Movimiento Dance Company

Semi-pro Performing Team

Our  team is representing the studio on international & local events - as salsa festivals and competitions. The team is well known for the uniqueness of the choreographies and interpretation.

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Meet the Team

Our international teachers team consists of highly trained and certified instructors who have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines.

Jana K. Cerna

Czech Republic

Owner, Teacher & Artistic Director

Jana is dancing since she was 5 years old (ballet, contemporary & jazz dance). She has a master degree in Alternative Theatre in Prague Theatre Academy (DAMU). She started teaching in 2005 and completed Diploma in Dance Instruction by ISTD. Except leading her school, she is creating choreographies for dancers in Cyprus and abroad, teaches and performs in international events and judges competitions. Jana is the lead choreographer & coach of semi-pro and students performing teams.


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George Tzirtzipis


Salsa Instructor

With a long resume full of performances and shows from India to Berlin, from Monte Carlo to London and then straight to LA, being on stage with Buena Vista Social Club or 'Dancing With The Stars' on Greek national TV, George is an eye turner.

Born in New York, raised in Cyprus and having lived in Athens for over a decade, he has taught and danced in the most prestigious salsa stages in the world and in Greek dance schools. His experience as a choreographer and a lead dancer in professional salsa teams, combined with love of the art of dance, contributed to developing his unique dance style called 'Afro-temporary Flow'.



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Christina Partheniou


Dance Instructor

Christina started dancing when she was 10 years old (belly dance, hip-hop, reggaeton and latin). Since then, she has taken part in many dance shows and competitions. She attended various hip-hop seminars by local and international teachers of many different hip-hop styles such as vogue, whack, locking, dancehall, commercial, and others, not only in Cyprus but also abroad. In addition, for 2 years (2017-2019) she was teaching hip-hop (teenage group) at a dance school in Thessaloniki and at the same time travelling the world to participate on latin festivals (Thessaloniki, Volos, Borovets, Stara Zagora etc). Last but not least, now she is starting her teaching career in Cyprus with Hip-Hop and Reggaetón classes in Movimiento Dance Studio.



Luka Duranti


Dance Instructor

Luka is a passionate and fire Italian dancer and choreographer. From ballet to Latin he had the opportunity to study with the best teachers and academics. He participated in national and international competitions with excellent results, the best was the title of national champion. He has studied all around the world and has danced many different styles, becoming a complete and versatile dancer and choreographer. He was the official member of the group "new tribe" from France, performing around the world. He decided to stay and live in Cyprus, where he performs and creates shows for different events on the island . 
"Never stop learning" is one of his favorite quotes, that is why he never stops training and learning as a professional dancer.
His style is a mix of all the dance styles learned and connected creating a unique style . 
Quality, experience and knowledge bringing an energetic and insane routine in his every class!



Manuel dos Santos Pavlides


Dance Instructor

Manuel dos Santos Pavlides, was born in Angola and raised in Cyprus, has been engaged in dance and sports since his early years. The essence of life for him revolves around rhythm and music.

Having triumphed in track and field, as well as basketball, Manuel discovered his love for dance especially Kizomba, a genre originally from Angola. With experiences alongside top artists on the island, both as a performer and instructor, he now seeks to impart his knowledge and passion to others.



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