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Dance Classes for Adults

We all need time just for ourselves. Have fun, meet new people, learn a valuable skill and do something for our health. Dance can give you all of that!

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Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced
Practice (all levels)

Salsa is the most trendy & famous Latin Dance! And we are experts in teaching it! It has a rich variety of solo moves and couple figure. Do you want to go dancing, meet friends, have dun & do something for your health? Salsa is the right choice for you. We offer program according to the level - all year around, we organize workshop & outings together, parties in the studio & trips to local festivals & abroad. Salsa in not just a dance - it's a life style. We are not just just a school - we are a dance family!


Beginner | Improvers

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating in Angola. The mixture between tradition, culture, rhythms and passion brought us together in this class. What do we offer in this class? Well, except of having lot of fun, we work on musicality, technique, body movement, leading & following techniques, men/lady styling and much more. Oh, and not to forget, dancing is an art! You are all artists with a little experience, and we are here to grow that passion of yours.

Bachata .png

Bachata Dominican & Moderna (Intermediate)

Sensual, fun & captivating dance that you can dance at every party and have fun! We offer program according to the level - all year around, we organize workshops & outings together, parties in the studio & trips to local festivals & abroad. Bachata originates from Dominican Republic & is super-popular all around the world. In our studio we offer different styles of Bachata & we are following the newest trends. we can guarantee that you will love it!

Bachata sensual.png

All levels

Bachata Sensual was born in Cádiz more than 15 years ago. Founded and developed by Jorge Escalona. Bachata sensual became a hit because of its mix between dance and theater with strict follow and lead principles. Musicality is a key factor for such type of dance. Mainly consists of circular movements, hip movements and body waves, and to add the cherry on the top dancers use isolation, dips and acrobatics. Are you thinking how will I manage to do all this at once? Well we all have been there before and now we are dancers. Our advice to you, it takes a step to climb the stairs, we are ready to help you do that. Our bachata sensual class offers a variety of techniques and combinations, for all levels.

Salsa Ladies Styling (2).png

Beginners | Advanced

“In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves”- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton. What’s better than dancing? Dancing with a style. This class is designated to all those beautiful ladies out there - let’s kick out the confidence in you! If you want to be confident, smooth, sensual, elegant & fun on the dance floor and a great follower, this class is made for you! We offer different levels - beginner or advanced. Become a salsa diva with us!

Bachata Ladies Styling.png

All levels

Lady styling is a key factor in our dance scene, it helps you express the energy, power and beauty of your soul with your moves. Add that extra flavor to your dancing, soft body movement & elegant arms. From technique to ability to improvise and react on the music - we will cover it all. Become the Bachatera you always wanted to be!


All levels

In this class, we will be working on Kizomba lady styling fundamentals, techniques, body isolation and musicality.

You will start to feel comfortable with using your arms and styling during the couple dance as well.

Mens Ladies Styling.png

All levels

Train the entire body and learn fun footwork sequences, so you can start developing your own, unique style and look awesome when dancing solo & in couple. George will lead you through all basic aspects of men's styling on the dance floor – you will learn how to better use your body when you dance, essential body movements (hips, upper body), fun steps and turns, and become more comfortable with shines and footwork.

Reggaeton 1.png

All levels

Reggaeton is dance style originated in Puerto Rico, but today is the most popular music and everybody loves his beat and moves of Reggaeton. Reggaeton include energetic moves of hips, chest, arms and strong isolation of the body. Reggaeton lesson include strong worm up, exercise of isolation of the hips and chest, basic moves and different kind of choreography with popular and energy music.

Shuffle Dance.png


The Shuffle is extremely fashionable dance nowadays - dance videos go viral! It started in Melbourne (Australia) in the underground rave scene back in the early 1980s. It is improvised dancing where the person repeatedly “shuffles” the feet inwards, then outwards, while thrusting their arms up and down, or side to side, in time with the beat. The best music for Shuffling is usually the more upbeat versions of electronic music, which makes it a very versatile dancing style. During a shuffling dance, your full body is moving and shaking. You will be sweating in out when you shuffle, that’s almost a guarantee. But consider it a fun workout!

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