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Performance & Competitive Team Training

Designed for students - children as well as adults - who take dance seriously and want to take it to the next level!
We have several dance performance teams for adults - Salsa Team, Bachata Team, Kizomba Team, Ladies Salsa Team, and our semi-pro dance team. We create new amazing projects every year and encourage our students to participate.
For the children teams, we chose and divide the team members according to age groups. We create choreography and a special coaching program for these groups.
In addition to weekly dance technique classes, dancers attend weekly rehearsals. Students learn the value of hard work, are motivated to reach their full potential, and make lasting relationships with their teammates and teachers.
Our performance teams attend various events and represent Cyprus at national & international dance festivals (e.g. Cyprus Salsa Congress, Cyprus Bachata Festival, Cyprus Russian Festival, Movimiento annual event, Lebanese Latin Festival, Greek Salsa Bootcamp, etc.)

Projects in 2023

Students Salsa Project
Cyprus Shuffle Dance Project
Jinga Project
Movimiento Junior Performing Team
Movimiento Semi-pro Performing Team
Movimiento Pro Performing Team


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