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SHOW TIME - finally!

We have news! 2022 is the year of progress, recovery from the craziness of past 2 years.

2020 was a super busy year with big plans! Until March 13th. Except other things – we were planning after 5 years of existence of the school to finally have a Summer Show – Recital & celebrate 5th B-day of Movimiento.

You know how 2020 went… and 2021…. But now the time is here and we did absolutely crazy thing...Nobody was sure what will happen - the capacity of theaters were limited, protocols strict etc… By the end of April the measures relaxed and we did a crazy decision. Let’s prepare our first Final Show – Finally! In 2 months. If you ever took part in such event or organized it – you know it’s really not much time. But we don’t care! Because FINALLY we have the chance and we will grab it and not let go.

So what shall you expect? Lot of great dancing, lot of great music, people who love what they do and they are enjoying it & lot of FUN! Because we love to have a good time and a good laugh. We want this evening to be a fun show for everyone to watch! There will be something for the little ones, something for the big ones. We will have 2 special guest joining us. Who? Well… you have to come and see yourself.

I am so excited! And also while I am writing this I realize how grateful and proud I am of our school. We survived really hard times fo

r small businesses of our kind & we are growing again… And all that because of all the students & parents who kept on supporting us and having online lessons throughout the pandemic, all the students who came back, all the members of the teacher’s team and the “backstage” team of marketing & close friends who gave good advises… All those people have a great part on my inspiration& me never stopping to believe and work on Movimiento. And I guess then it’s also my big love to what I do, my desire to follow my dream & my stubbornness.

So yeeeeeyyyy! Movimiento will have finally final show! Save the date - 9th of July 2022!

And that’s not it for the summer – we have more amazing things coming up!

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