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New Year's Resolutions

2022 is here! New beginning of new year – new chance to do things we want to do, start new adventures, new habits. I hope for some of you it is start dancing! Or start new style of dance, improve in specific things in dance…. But we will talk about this later.

I do this every year. And to be honest – it’s not working very well. But why? There are few things I noticed.

Procrastinating… Yep, that’s one of the reasons. I know I want to start or stop something but I am not doing it right away. And then I just delay, delay and “oops” - December is here again.

I don’t really want it – It's just thing I should. Oh yes, stop eating junk food, stop sleeping late etc.… I don’t really eat junk food – but yes I sleep late and I should not… But I am creative late in the day and I enjoy it. Also it’s my time to relax and whine down after classes… So basically I don’t want to lose that time…

It’s too much! As the midnight of December 31st hits – we tend to have list of many things to do or not to do. And sometimes the list is long… And it gets too much. So we finish up doing nothing. Can you relate?

The timing is not right and until the good time comes, we are way overloaded with other things. E.g. start swimming in the sea every day. Well – obviously it’s not a great idea to start this in January. But until the summer comes –“oops” again - other things are more important & urgent.

I know what I want but somehow I did not think about how to achieve it. This step by step plan and visualization is something that is worth mapping out! “Rome was not built in a day” as they say. I am sure they had plan!

So this year – I thought about what I really want right now and I made a plan. Imagined it step by step and I will go after it in certain time limit! Attention now – don’t forget that every day is a new beginning. We do not need new Calendar Year to do stuff we want. We have 365 new beginnings every year!

And that is 365 chances for you to start dancing! Because dance will change your life! So whether it’s January or May – if you want to dance – JUST DO IT! Book a class and just start! I am sure you know it but let me just remind you few things that are great about dancing: you are learning a valuable skill, it’s a healthy physical activity - good for your fitness & brain!, it’s your “me-time”, it’s fun, it’s a social activity where you meet new people & new friends, helps preventing many diseases including Alzheimer for example & it's a regular dose of endorphins!

I love dancing and teaching so much! So I can write hours about it. But let’s not do this now. Let’s use the time to do thing that make us happy! Enjoy your new beginnings every single day of this year!

Happy 2022 from Movimiento Dance Studio!

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