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Men just want to be cool! (by George Tzirtzipis)

How many times have we watched a guy dancing on the dance floor and thought to ourselves “Damn, I wish I could move like that” or how many times didn’t we wonder why some guys get all the attention and we don’t?

The truth of the matter is that just having a rich vocabulary of intricate combos and hand flicks is not enough to get you into that narrow list of the “cool kids” club. Women and follows in general are rarely captivated by just being spanned around non stopped on the dance floor. So what is that something extra that defines the good dancers from the exceptional ones? What is the key to being sought after on the dance floor? And how can we all get it?

As a young lead, back in the days, I remember getting stressed about being too repetitive in my social dancing. Not having enough moves in my arsenal to keep the follow’s interest was my number one stress factor when asking for a dance. Once I started feeling comfortable with that though, since I went to every partner-work class available to me, other worries started kicking in. Musicality, footwork and how did I look while dancing being some of the major ones.

Suddenly holding the lady and spinning her around felt like my safe zone. When the time to let go and dance footwork came I just couldn’t pick my feet, my brain froze and I was sure I looked like a fool to my dancing partner. Because at the end of the day we all want to make a positive impression to the partner we are dancing with right? We want to come out cool as much as we want to be able to enjoy the dance. How could I change that though? What class did I need that could provide me with the necessary skills to up my game? And what were the skills exactly?

I needed a class that would combine technique as well as body movement and musicality training. A class that would push me out of my comfort zone and teach me how to improvise. I needed a class that would get me from feeling stiff to feeling and looking “da bomb”. And then I thought of a lady’s class and the realization came to me. I needed the same but specifically designed for the man’s needs. A Men’s Styling class!

Here is some extra tips for men:

Adding more body movement to the basic steps can really elevate your dancing!

Musicality both in footwork and in partner-work can help you make a good impression.

So gentlemen… It’s time to step up our game & rock the dance floor!

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