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Dance Shoes & How To Keep Them Fresh!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

I love dance shoes...and yes – I have many pairs. It’s my passion & I also need them for

my work. So when you want to talk about dance shoes – I am your person.

This blog post is about how to take care of your dance shoes so they have a long and successful life.

Lets summon up what do we need from good dance shoes. First of all good stability and feeling that they hold our foot firmly (but it’s not killing us). I personally prefer tighter fitting as the shoes “open” during first few times & they shape according to my foot.

Now about the heel... The most used heel is 7 cm. But there are choices of 5 cm, 6 cm or 8 cm, even 9 or 10 cm.

It’s challenging to change the heel height – so once you decide which one suits you – stick with it. Except exceptions of course. If you fall in love with 10 cm stiletto heel - go ahead & get them! Also when you are getting your first pair -no need to start form the lowest and go higher. There are stiletto (thin) or Flare heels (thinner is the middle – then wider in the bottom again).

Each company had its own secret of creating the shoe structure to support the arch and suit to the owner’s needs… So not every shoe will fit the same just according to your size.

My first shoes…. My friend who was already dancing advised me how to choose my first shoes and I am passing this advice on – your first shoes should be beige (tan). They will fit with white clothes, black clothes, fancy or sport style. Then with the second pair you can start playing. But each dancer need one pair of shoes, that goes with everything.

“I had blisters when I wore them first time.” Yes…that happens with shoes (not only dance shoes). Remember first time wear them for a short time (best with thin socks for a lesson) – not more than hour. Definitely not for 5 hours of crazy party. Gradually add the length of the time you have them on. All good things need their time.

The straps!!!! We want to be comfortable. I know. But dance shoes straps have to be tightened well & tight. A finger should not pass between the strap and your foot. Only like that the shoes will stay where they are supposed to and do the job they are supposed to do. We prevent the sliding of the heel up & down – that’s mainly how the blisters on heels happen.

Go crazy with colors and styles! I say yes to that! Once you have one pair that will be universal (the beige one) go wild. You should love your shoes! They can make the whole outfit! And every time you put them on you will feel excitement… The little things and pleasures in life are important. Treat yourself & enjoy it.

Dance shoes online shopping…I tried and never again. And this is a long topic…So comment in below what is your online experience of getting dance shoes that were cheap& tempting. Actually the price is a thing. As dance shoes should be mostly made out of leather and satin or others materials. There is a minimum price for those materials if you want to have a decent quality. So for me it feels a little dodgy to have the shoes cheaper then it’s possible.

So now really to the shoe care. Let’s start with the first painful question. “Why do they smell?” Because we wear them barefoot and we sweat. “What can be done with that?” You can wear socks if you like (for classes-not for parties, please!) Always let them dry after use, have a fabric bag for the shoes (not plastic). You can try to sprinkle them with baking soda (the inside of the shoes) that helps to absorb the moisture. But honestly I did not find a way to treat this problem well. As it’s only natural. So just try to keep them fresh as long as you can. Be careful with using alcohol disinfectants as some parts of the shoes are glued!

What about the sole? In ideal case you should brush your sole with a special brush after each class/ party. Ask your dance teacher or in the shop how to do that. Why? As the leather due to the pressure and dust on the floor gets flat and becomes too slippery. To be honest I don’t brush my shoes as often as I should. So sometimes I just have a shoes spa day.. I take all the shoes I am currently using and I brush them and clean them.

How to clean the surface of the shoes? It depends on the material. So basically you can search for instructions how to clean that particular material. Careful – not everything on the internet is true!

So that’s about it. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I love shoes and talking about them too.

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