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Dance Etiquette - How To Ask For a Dance

Updated: Jun 3, 2021


Sometimes we struggle to find a comfortable way of asking for a dance...Here are few tips. Enjoy....

- Dance with as many people as you can, try not to dance more than 4 dances with the same person per night. Gentlemen - except Kizomba parties - we do not recommend to dance more than 1 song in a row with the lady.

- Dance with people from other schools, please do not close yourself in one group. Dance is about socializing and having fun – no matter which school anybody goes. Also you will improve as a dancer as they might lead /follow different way – everything is enriching you!

- In the end of the dance we thank each other and if you like you can introduce yourself in the beginning or the end of the dance

- Do not refuse if you don’t have your reason

- If you refuse and offer for a dance – do not dance the same song with somebody else

- No critiques on the dance floor unless your partner asks you to

- Do not ask more the 4-5 dances per night with the same person

- If you see person not dancing too long – go ahead – it will come back to you

- If you see person (even you don’t know him/her) in need of help – for example - help to get out of uncomfortable situation

- Nobody should make you feel uncomfortable – you can leave the dance any time if you feel so

- Dance with beginners – they are dancers of tomorrow

- Don’t be shy to ask more advanced dancer for a dance – it’s about fun and connection

- Avoid getting too excited (intimately) on the dance floor – dance is social activity – not personal ;-)

- Separate dance passion from personal passion – always stay polite ;-)

- Let’s be nice to each other – we can make a word better place by our actions

- It is not OK in any dance (even close as Kizomba or Bachata) to feel intimate parts of pelvis of your partner. Accidents happen –but if you feel that is intentional – you can leave the dance immediately. You can talk to the organizer of the party.

- Let’s be all mindful about the space around us. Ladies when you see over your partners’ shoulder that you are going to bump into somebody- let him know by tapping on his shoulder.

- When you don’t dance – please do not walk through the middle of the dance floor.

- Enjoy and have fun! Keep on going to lessons.


-Please come to the lady (do not shout across the bar)

-if she appears to be in serious conversation – choose another moment

-if she says “no” ask the lady next to her or near by

- do not take “no” answer very negative…just move on and dance with somebody else

-You can use sentences as – Shall we dance? Can I as you for a dance? Would you like to dance? May I have this Dance?

-Escort you lady to the dance floor.

-Ask ladies of different level – the main purpose is to enjoy and meet people – communicate.

-When dancing - DANCE TO YOUR PARTNER LEVEL if it’s lower then yours – make your partner to feel safe and comfortable.

-Empty your front pockets

-NO AERIAL TRICK on social parties – we have performance groups if you are interested in challenging tricks.

-Tricks and dips: never force a lady to that, focus on her body language to see if she is up for it..& check what she wears – if it will be not revealing her body & check the floor before slides ;-) & if she does not give enough resistance and firmness – do not proceed.

-If you see lady (even you don’t know her) standing too long – take her to dance

-Make sure the space is clear around you – so your lady is safe not to bump into somebody or get hurt

-If collision happens – says sorry and make sure everyone is ok – or accept apology and make sure everyone is OK.

-look at your partner time to time ;-)

-escort you lady to her spot


- Feel free to go and ask a man for a dance. I know we would prefer it other way, but it’s completely usual and normal on Latin parties.

- Let be treated as ladies – give the man a chance to do that – escort you to and from the dance floor.

- Smile on your partner – he will dance better.

- Even if you were not happy with level of the dance – please do not show it or say it. Dance is about learning and growing for all of us.

- If you do not want to execute a back bend, dip or any trick – please tell nicely your partner.For example: " Sorry, no dips or tricks for me today."

- It is NOT OK and you can refuse the next dance or in more extreme case leave the dance floor if ; the man is squeezing you too much, you feel his private parts by his intention, if he “throws you around” and you are worried you might fall, if he criticizes you and makes you feel bad.. If you feel like that you can express politely how you feel or you can contact your teacher or organizer of the party.

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